About Time! Parents Cleared of Letting Children Play Outside … for Now

The Meitivs were charged with neglect for letting their children play outside; they have been cleared in one of the two instances. Child Protective Services has, in one case, cleared parents of the accusation of “neglecting” their children by letting them walk to the neighborhood park and play. Ironically, in the second case, the children were grabbed by strangers and held captive for hours—the strangers being the police. The Washington Post reports, “Maryland’s ‘free range’ Read more […]

Strangers Abduct and Hold Unsupervised Children Captive

Unsupervised children were taken by strangers so that their parents were terrified. They were taken by an outlaw organization. Alexander and Danielle Meitiv believe that their children will develop best if they are given time to be together without immediate parental supervision. They know that crimes are sometimes committed against children, but they also know that these are exceedingly rare. In fact, they live in a very safe neighborhood and it would be foolish to stunt their children by demanding Read more […]