The Worst Economic News Is Not Greece or China

What is the worst economic news? It is the news of the political environment of the United States. Robert Larson writes in the Dallas Morning News, Newspapers and websites are filled with headlines about the latest economic crisis, whether it’s Greek sovereign debt, the Chinese stock market or the price of oil. These are all important stories. People want to know what’s going in their world. But just as the weather forecast is more newsworthy than a scientific study of the slowly changing Read more […]

The Reason Politicians Hate Uber: Bernie Sanders Explains

Bernie Sanders articulates what every politician feels about ridesharing operations: they are free and therefore wrong. Remember when we were told that the terrorists from the Middle East hate us for our freedoms? It was half true. There are people who hate us for our freedoms. But they are from the United States. They are politicians. Bernie Sanders was recently interviewed at He mentioned Uber, the rideshare company. Asked about his proposal to phase out the “tip credit,” Read more […]

Homosexual Explains Why She Donated to Memories Pizza

Amid the attack on Indiana she clearly explains why all businesses should support Memories Pizza. As I reported two days ago, in “Indiana Pizzeria Gets Support from Everyone!,” a Lesbian who owns a kettle corn stand with her partner sent a donation and well-wishes to Memories Pizza. The pizzeria, as you probably know, is being widely savaged for saying, hypothetically, that they would not cater a homosexual “wedding.” Since every homosexual wedding desperately wants to serve pizza at the Read more […]

Without Freedom, Being Unpopular Is Dangerous

While political power expands, it becomes unsafe to have unpopular ideas about homosexual marriage or many other things. Kevin Williams wrote a brilliant and sobering essay at the National Review: “War on the Private Mind.” Adlai Stevenson famously offered this definition: “A free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.” We do not live in that society. Barack Obama can run for office as an anti-gay-marriage candidate — which he did, more than once — and that is a ho-hum Read more […]

New Yorkers Want to Secede from New York

Fifteen towns are reporting interest in how they might secede from prohibitions on hydraulic fracturing and high taxes. Here’s the report from WBNG 12 Action News: “Southern Tier towns looking to cut NY ties.” [See also, “Some Hawaiians Side with Secession instead of Federal Money.”] The local economy is pushing one organization in Upstate New York to pose a question: Is it possible to secede to Pennsylvania? The Upstate New York Towns Association is researching this very topic. Read more […]

Islam and Homosexuality Under our Current Liberal Regime

Why are Islam and Homosexuality given completely different treatment? Consider this from the Daily Signal: “They Lost Their Bakery, Now Face Bankruptcy: Government’s ‘Discrimination’ Fine Brings Baker to Tears.” A bakery owner in Oregon broke down in tears while discussing the fallout of her and her husband’s decision not to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple on the basis of their Christian beliefs. Earlier this year, the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries found Read more […]

Will We Be Ignorant or Free?

You have to choose: ignorant or free. “Anyone who desires to be ignorant and free, desires what never was and never will be.” Let me quote Thomas Jefferson again, “Anyone who desires to be ignorant and free, desires what never was and never will be.” When Jefferson, the principle author of the American Declaration of Independence, wrote these words, he was expressing a truth that relatively few Americans appreciate today. You see, an elected –or appointed official at the local, Read more […]

Why You Should Learn What is Wrong with the GDP Measure

Most of us run down a road paved by others, not realizing it’s not the only possible path—and, in fact, that it may be a path for the road-designers to achieve their goals, while preventing you from ever reaching yours. This is a wonderfully educational and reasonably brief look at the history of “GDP” (Gross Domestic Product) and its roots in a terrible set of economic theories that justify government intervention in the economy—a top-down, elite-driven (and elite-benefiting!) system designed Read more […]

So Is It Illegal Now to Discriminate Against Pot Smokers?

This story is supposedly a “happy ending.” NBC reports, “‘Firing’ Over Legal Marijuana Called Mistake, Man Gets His Job Back.” This pot controversy went up in smoke. A Washington state man who was the first person in Spokane to buy legal recreational marijuana this week, and then said he was fired over the resulting media coverage, got his job back Thursday and the company in question called the whole affair a misunderstanding. Michael Boyer, 30, said he was ordered to take a drug Read more […]

Why You Need to be Aware of Economic Science: To See Through Media Smears

Bloomberg recently published an amazingly ignorant and inaccurate attack on adherents to the Austrian School of economics [“Austrian Economists, 9-11 Truthers, and Brain Worms”]. Most people wouldn’t know it due to simple ignorance of the Austrian view, but this piece didn’t even attempt to perform as an accurate critique, it was simply a malicious pack of lies. I am convinced the Austrian view is the most accurate and helpful school of economic thought in existence, and it was the reason Read more […]

Obama Doesn’t Deserve To Be Free, But What About Us?

Freedom isn’t free. Contrary to what is usually meant by that phrase, what I mean is that what Americans call freedom today isn’t anywhere close to real freedom. Consider this post on “Obama To America: You Don’t Deserve To Be Free.” It is written by an “Objectivist”—a follower of the atheist writer, Ayn Rand. An excerpt: We radical capitalists say that it was the regulatory-welfare state that imploded in 2008. You may disagree, but let’s argue that out, rather than Read more […]

Freedom Without Responsibility

To whom much is given, of him much is expected. Or as that famous philosopher Spider-Man put it, with great power comes great responsibility. Both statements are just ways of saying that actions have consequences, which means we are morally responsible for what we do. In our modern world, it seems that we often don’t look any farther than the tips of our own noses to see what our own actions can bring about, what we would be responsible for. This thought occurred to me while reading a Read more […]