Big Banks Getting Ready to Plunder Customers

The big banks are putting the finishing touches on their plan to rip off their own depositors to cover their stupidity, instead of taxpayers. How nice. Via Reuters: “G20 edging towards deal on ‘bail-in’ bond cushion for banks Government leaders are expected to agree in November that the world’s top banks must issue special bonds to increase the amount of capital which can be tapped in a crisis instead of calling on taxpayers to come to the rescue, industry and G20 officials said. The bonds, Read more […]

NSA So Concerned To Protect Us From Terrorists That It Diverted Resources For Industrial Espionage

We need the NSA. Without the NSA, we would have many more 9-11s. (I find it amazing that the NSA was never even mentioned in the 9-11 Commission Report. Where were they?) There are terrorists who hate us and, without the NSA, we would be their prey. So why does the NSA take time and resources to spy on allies and engage in industrial espionage. From Fox News: The National Security Agency and its Canadian counterpart carried out spying operations during the G8 and G20 summits in Toronto, according Read more […]