Ed Markey: The Wrong Choice And Therefore The Right Choice

Yesterday Massachusetts voters decided on the man they wanted to replace Senator John Kerry, who vacated the Senate to move up in the ranks to replace the Secretary of State position vacated by Hillary Clinton. Lot of shifting going on. The Senate position is a temporary one, to be held for the 17 months before the midterm elections in November 2014. The two choices, Representative Ed Markey, the Democrat, and businessman Gabriel Gomez, the Republican, left much to be desired, in my book. But, Read more […]

Joe Biden: Obama’s Presidential Insurance Policy

On Wednesday a Gallup Poll reported that President Obama’s approval rating was at a 9-month low — 45%. Why the popularity needle has not yet hit zero is certainly a question worth asking but on Tuesday evening Joe Biden demonstrated, yet again, why Obama’s numbers are a moot point. Biden might be as bad as what is already in place. Joe Biden, effusively praising then-Senator Obama and Democrat presidential candidate for being “clean and articulate,” was selected as his vice presidential Read more […]

Is America’s Political Slaughter Inevitable?

The stranglehold liberals have on American politics looks irrevocable. The regime relentlessly lies to us, destroys our financial stability, sovereignty at home and abroad and strips our liberties. GOP elected officials, previously tagging themselves “Conservative,” unfathomably spout Democrat-Lite mantras guaranteed to hasten the nation’s downfall, despite their constituency’s outrage. The President and his cadre of leftists, encouraged by the media, force one-world government down our Read more […]