Jeff Sessions Smacks Down GOP Immigration “Principles”

The Alabama Senator seems to be fed up. Once again, we have the same recycled talking points—crafted, it would appear, with the help of the same consultants and special interests. Each time, the talking points are followed by legislation that fails to match the promises—legislation that, at bottom, ensures only the amnesty and not the enforcement. The leadership talking points look like an attempted repackaging of the tired Gang-of-Eight-style formula that has been proposed, rejected, and re-proposed Read more […]

States Should Sue New York For Sending Chuck Schumer to Senate

New York Senator Chuck Schumer claimed that the new immigration bill will fix America’s illegal immigration problem. If passed, Schumer said, “Illegal immigration will be a thing of the past.” In one sense he’s right. By making what was illegal legal, thus, making what was illegal a thing of the past. Please, New York, quit sending people like Schumer to the Senate. Not only does he hurt New York, but he’s hurting the rest of America. If you don’t elect someone better next election, Read more […]

“Illegal Immigrants” Get a Description Makeover

On a day when White House Senior Advisor Mike Allen complains that The Drudge Report has traction with pundits in the news game, Drudge reports that the Associated Press will no longer use the phrase “illegal immigrant.” Having jettisoned the phrase “illegal alien” light years ago, the AP has now declared that “illegal immigrant” is no longer to be included in their “Stylebook of Phrases.” They will instead offer less “judgmental” phrases. They haven’t yet come up with an Read more […]

Marco Rubio Is a Big, Dumb Idiot

Marco Rubio is a big, dumb idiot. His participation in the bipartisan group of senators known as the Gang of 8, formed to draft immigration-reform legislation, is moronic. The first clue for Rubio that this Gang, like the majority of gangs, is bad news should have been the only clue needed, and that is that Sen. Chuck Schumer is on Rubio’s side. That’s not just a red flag, that’s a screaming siren. If Chuck Schumer supports Rubio’s plan, then he, Schumer–a well-practiced politician to Rubio’s Read more […]