New Fuel Prices Show Gov Doesn’t Know Future

Recent fuel prices are spoiling the government’s plans for getting us all into alternative energy and other technologies they have been pushing on us. In every case, the government’s apologists and spokespersons claim, in the most condescending and pretentious manner possible, that the government has the experts and the resources to tell us all how to best move into the future. We don’t have “five-year-plans” in the U.S. but that isn’t because the people who rule us don’t wish Read more […]

Politician Attacks Oil Industry For Overcharging Without Perceiving The Irony

You have probably noticed that prices at the pump, which were getting quite high in the Bush years and then Obama’s first term, finally began to calm down. I wish they were lower, but this was a huge relief to me and my household. But instead of being grateful, I am supposed to be suspicious and hostile. Thus, the Washington Times story: Crude oil and natural gas supplies have risen dramatically in the past three years. In October, the U.S. produced more crude oil than it imported — a milestone Read more […]

Low Taxes Aren’t the Problem

It’s really simple. The rich spend a lower percentage of their income on necessities. It’s not as if rich people are forced to pay more for bread or gas just because they make more. They might pay more for something than it’s worth, but that’s also their prerogative. It’s also the case that the rich are not impacted to the same degree by inflation. Of course, hyper-inflation will quickly make paupers of us all. But in this environment of steady decrease in the dollar’s value, the people Read more […]