Politicians Conspire to Burden Poor Americans

Everything about the economy is hideous right now. The government manages to claim we have “near full employment,” but the labor participation rate tells a different story. The one bright spot is the price of energy. But rather then let us enjoy a blessing, Republicans were eager to further exploit us at the federal level. Politicians at the state level are also ready to increase their plunder. For example, here’s the Knoxville News-Sentinel: “If there’s a Tennessee gas tax increase on the Read more […]

National Voters Poll: No Higher Gas Tax!

Here is more evidence that Senate Republicans’ “openness” to a higher gas tax is a betrayal of voters. As I have written about, Senate Republicans, having been handed a historical victory, are publicly expressing openness to raising taxes. Specifically, they want to raise the gas tax. Our one unexpected gift of prosperity and the politicians we put in office believe we must be punished for it. And, for the record, voters want nothing to do with it. As the Daily Caller reports, “Poll: Read more […]

Republican Traitors Already Ready to Tax Us More

We get one bit of relief in this fake “recovery” and Republican traitors want to punish us for it. Senate Republicans are signaling that they want to reward us for giving them the Senate by raising our taxes. No good deed goes unpunished! According to The Hill: “Momentum builds in Congress for raising the federal gas tax.” Record-low gas prices across the U.S. have given rise to fresh talk in Washington of raising the federal gas tax for the first time in over 20 years, with leading Read more […]

Change We Can Believe In! A Bill to End the Federal Gas Tax

This is the kind of things that Republicans should push and push hard. From Reason.com: The notion that U.S. infrastructure is crumbling and underfunded has been common lately, and more such news came in February, when the Department of Transportation (DOT) announced that the Federal Highway Trust Fund could soon run out. This spurred debate about what to do with the trust’s main funding source, the federal gas tax. Some legislators have long wanted to raise this tax, and President Obama recently proposed his Read more […]

Lawmakers Seek Higher Gas Taxes to Fund Pet Projects

We might be paying a lot at the gas pump, but some state lawmakers think we’re not paying enough. Maryland is one state that is considering raising the state gas tax as well as imposing a sales tax on gas, adding up to 10 cents more per gallon. Governor Malloy said that they’ve had to deal with a flat tax ever since 1992, and because of inflation, that flat tax just doesn’t cover what it used to. They’re probably raising more taxes to fund mass transit projects. And they want everyone Read more […]

Obama Mulls Replacing Gas Tax With Hefty Mileage Tax

One reason gas prices are so high is that the Feds impose a tax of 18.4 cents per gallon on gas. It’s 24.4 cents per gallon of diesel. We’ve had federal gas taxes since the 50’s to pay for highways and bridges, but since 1983, they started diverting about 20% of gas taxes to go to a Mass Transit Account that is supposed to pay for public transportation like buses and railways. So, those of us who don’t use mass transit are paying for those that do in the form of gas taxes. That’s socialism Read more […]