Leftists Defend Barack Obama on Bowe Bergdahl: “Republicans Are Talking! Cover Your Ears!”

I have to admit, the outrage over Bowe Bergdahl made me wonder if there was some key piece of information was being left out of the equation. Did the Administration just trade Taliban leaders for a man who went AWOL? Well, now that I see responses from Gawker and Salon, I am pretty confident that there is no reason to fear. All they can say in response is that the testimony from fellow soldiers is being brought to the media by Republican strategists. Thus, we read in Gawker: Many soldiers Read more […]

Left-Wing ‘Moral’ Radicalism Pours Out of the Box

Now that homosexual marriage is the law of the land in ten states (the Illinois state legislature just voted in favor of it), we’re going to see a ramp up of moral depravity and forced compliance in every area of life. Demands, edicts, laws, and bullying are going to be ground out like pork sausage. The people who have supported the homosexual movement have no idea what they’ve unleashed. Now there is a fight going on among homosexual marriage advocates on how they want to be described by Read more […]

Laziness, Not Just Bias, Is Killing Journalism

The objectivity of the mainstream news media had been in decline for decades when, in 2008, gasping its last breath, it gave itself into the soothing arms of death. As it stands today, it is nothing more than an institutionalized, 24/7, year-round campaign for Democratic politicians. Although objectivity has perished, we are now beginning to see also the pretense of objectivity gradually wither away, with established and highly acclaimed news sources doing a slow, unashamed reveal of their Read more […]