Chris Christie Bans Gay Conversion Therapy

Every time I hear or read anything involving New Jersey Governor Chris Christie the more convinced I am that he is a flaming liberal Democrat in Republican clothes.  His political views are more in line with the Democratic Party platform than with the Republican Party platform. In his latest move towards liberalism, he signed a bill that will ban any form of gay conversion therapy, also known as reparative therapy.  New Jersey is the second state to pass such a measure, following in the footsteps Read more […]

American Psychological Association is Cuckoo for Gay Gay Puffs

At one time, homosexuality was considered to be a form of mental illness by the nation’s psychologists.  As more and more gays and lesbians began to come out of the closet and into the open, psychologists no longer looked at it as being a mental illness.  In fact, they no longer saw it as being wrong in any fashion. For the past couple of decades, psychologists have been trying to convince everyone that homosexuality is perfectly normal and that we should all accept gays with open arms.  Read more […]