Homosexual Groups Attack Their Own for Liking Ted Cruz

Homosexual activists these days are big on hate. They hate Christians, they hate traditional families, they hate bakers who won’t make a “gay wedding” cake, they hate anyone who implies that their lifestyle is a choice, that it is not normal or healthy. But an openly homosexual hotel owner found out that at least some activists are equal opportunity haters. The education of hotelier Ian Reisner began soon after he had a conversation with Sen. Ted Cruz about “LGBT issues.” More specifically, Read more […]

So Just What Are Gay Rights?

A Thesis: Gay rights do not exist Recently I had the opportunity to speak at a conference with Dr. Ben Carson, a possible Presidential candidate, and I had a chance to learn more about him and his views.  Dr. Carson was the leading pediatric neurosurgeon in the world – he was not just able to perform brain surgery but was gifted with the skills that earned him international acclaim. He is a powerful and knowledgeable speaker who clearly articulates a strong pro-marriage and sexual ethics Read more […]

Houston Mayor Gets Her Pansex Utopia: Racial Minorities Out; Transgender In

Houston now has an “anti-discrimination ordinance” that enforces the acceptance and normalizing of homosexuality and transgender. Naturally, the NAACP is on board with the new Houston ordinance, but that doesn’t mean that racial minorities favor it. It just means that the NAACP is desperate to curry favor with the regime because that is how they measure their own importance. The fact that the NAACP caves so fully to all sorts of anti-First-Amendment and Transgender madness just shows that Read more […]

Trail Life USA: Alternative to the Boy Scouts is Here!

It was Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 6, 2013. The huge hall was overflowing, the convention sold out. Over 1,200 attendees, with many spilling out into the foyer, eagerly awaited the announcement. What would this safe, moral and non-sexualized alternative to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) look like? With a stirring introductory video came the answer: “Trail Life USA” would now endeavor to “be the premier national character development organization for young men, which produces godly and responsible Read more […]

Woman Fired for Expressing Her Personal Opinions

Crystal Dixon, formerly employed at the University of Toledo, was fired “after she wrote a personal letter to the editor of a local newspaper objecting to the characterization of homosexuality as being the same as race.” I thought our nation’s universities were bastions of diversity. They are not. They are cesspools of forced conformity to a radically liberal moral, social, cultural, and political agenda. Comparing a person’s race to where a man sticks his penis is an insult of the highest Read more […]

California Declares War On Family and Christian Values!

Living in the southwest for many years, I’ve often described California as the land of nuts, fruits, flakes, wackos and crazies.  Some areas of the state, such as San Francisco and Mission Bay near San Diego remind me of Sodom and Gomorrah with their enclaves of homosexuality. Now that the Democrats seem to have full control of the state, they have declared open warfare on traditional family values and Christianity in general.  They have passed several laws that are purposely aimed at destroying Read more […]

Russia Not Tolerating Pansexual Left

Not sure how I feel about this as someone born and raised in the First-Amendment protected United States, but the Moscow district of Russia is considering taking a stand against the New World Order. Russia Today reports that, following the example of the St. Petersburg legislature, which banned “gay propaganda toward minors,” the Moscow Region is crafting a law aimed at banning “the promotion of all ‘non-traditional’ sexual relationships.” “Unlike St. Petersburg that outlawed the propaganda Read more […]