If You Want “Equal Pay” at the New York Times You Need to Find Another Job

More than once this blog has addressed the fallacy of “equal pay.” See here and here. The basic fallacy is that women as a group are identical in skills and interests to men as a group. They are not. They pursue different kinds of careers with different pay scales. There are other issues as well. Liberals have been known to mostly push past all the evidence and insist as a matter of justice that woman be paid more. Recently, in fact, the Public Editor of the New York Times, Margaret Sullivan, Read more […]

The Gender Wage Gap & Liberal Economic Superstitions

Consider two groups of people, Group A and Group B. The people in Group A tend to major in engineering, math, and/or computer science. Those in Group B prefer careers in English, education, and psychology, and they usually stop in mid-career and drop out of the full-time workforce for a few years. Who do you think will earn more during their working lifetime, Group A or Group B? Duh, Group A. Imagine a world where people who claimed to be intelligent and concerned with “social justice” Read more […]