New Gender Neutral Pronouns at University of Tennessee

The university wants students to use gender neutral pronouns in order to be “welcoming” to all students. To me, it seems like cult brainwashing to make people under your influence engage in new rituals in order to break their beliefs and install new ones. But at the University of Tennessee, it is a matter of being “welcoming and inclusive.” Thus, we find this post from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion on the university website: “Inclusive Practice: Pronoun Usage.” With the new Read more […]

Dear Liberals, If I Can Get Your Attention Away from “Caitlyn’s” Boobs for a Minute…

Dear Liberals, about this transgender thing: don’t you think you might be just a little bit crazy? It is fairly obvious that you see the presence of Christians in this country as getting in the way of achieving your dreams for society—which requires the criminalization of all dissent. Isn’t it time you thought critically about your own agenda? It seems to us Christians (and perhaps to others) that avoiding critical thought is a daily requirement for your life. I just want to write to Read more […]

Virtual Unreality: Facebook Allows Users To Choose From 50 Possible “Genders”

One of the great things about cyberspace, for liberals, is that it allows users to immerse themselves in fantasy environments. The user gets trained to expect these weirdnesses as some kind of “human right.” So Facebook, yesterday, began offering fifty different “gender terms” (as Newser puts it). The Associated Press “reported” on this new feature as if they were working as Facebook’s own PR company. You don’t just have to be male or female on Facebook anymore. The social media Read more […]

Student Sex Change Challenges All Girls College

What do you do if you are the nation’s oldest all female private college and one of your female students is about to be given a penis as part of a sax change surgery? Salem College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina was founded by Moravian Church in 1772.  It is the oldest all female college in the US and the 13th oldest of all colleges in the nation.  It has a student enrollment of around 1100 students.  The only male students allowed are those involved in the teacher education graduate program.  Read more […]

Ikea’s hypocrisy on ‘gender equality’

Ikea, the Swedish home furnishing company, is under fire for contradicting its supposed commitment to gender equality. Ikea has been vocal in the past for its support of gay marriage, claiming that “gender” should not be discriminated against. However, in the most recent version of its catalog, women were removed from the Saudi Arabian version. The photos in the Saudi catalog are identical to the ones in catalogs from other countries, except for the unmistakable fact that female models were literally Read more […]