Illinois Financial Crisis Scares General Electric Away

General Electric has no problem with state tampering with the economy when they are the direct beneficiaries of that tampering. We have seen this with their push for the renewal of the Ex-Im bank, and their shameless use of campaign donations to pressure politicians. However, when a government’s tampering with the economy leaves the economy at the point of an impending crisis, GE doesn’t want anything to do with it. The Chicago Tribune reports, “State Pension Crisis Hurt Chicago’s Chances for Read more […]

Companies Openly Prove They Expect to Buy Politicians

When corporations make “donations” they mean to buy politicians. There can be no doubt. If you have any doubt that businesses expect to buy politicians when they give them cash, this Politico headline should make you see reason: “Boeing, GE cut off donations to Ex-Im foes.” When House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy headlined a fundraiser in early June the room was packed with defense industry lobbyists, but reps from one megacontractor were missing — Boeing. Not only was Boeing absent Read more […]

Another Crony Capitalist Lobbies for the Ex-Im Bank

Why did GE CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, join the Obama Administration as part of the government’s “Economic Recovery Advisory Board”? To help protect the gravy train for his company, and to keep favors going for friends. Thus, the Campaign for Liberty: General Electric’s Chief Executive Jeff Immelt recently claimed that closing the Export-Import bank would mean that “we are basically making a statement as a country that we do not think that exports are important.” Is that true? If we close the Read more […]

We Could See the End of Abortion in America

TIME magazine is reporting that the pro-abortionists are losing the abortion argument. Here’s one of the reasons. Consider the story of 20-month old Lyna Gonzalez. During her mother’s pregnancy, doctors discovered a benign tumor the size of a tennis ball growing on her unborn baby’s mouth. Doctors told Tammy there was little chance her daughter would survive birth – and if she did, she would require an immediate tracheotomy in order to breath and have multiple surgeries thereafter. Dr. Read more […]

Abortions Down and New Technology Opens a Window to the Womb

Two stories in the news are making a defense of abortions more difficult to maintain. The first is news that abortions are down about 5 percent. It’s possible that the decline is because of the efforts of the pro-life, anti-abortion community. Related to their work are advances in technology. Women are seeing what they are aborting. A new 4D video showing pre-born babies yawning is causing a stir. Of course, scientists are only talking about the images in technical terms on how the yawning relates Read more […]