Why Domesticated Camels In Mideast History Are Part Of Liberal Political Propaganda

How often do you see the modern media run stories about all the historical problems with the Koran? Almost never. The media doesn’t even subject the book of Mormon to much scrutiny even though it gives a science fiction history of North America that left behind zero archaeological evidence. But Mormonism is only of interest to our liberal establishment to the extent that it has joined cultural and political forces with Evangelical conservatives. Attacking the book of Mormon would not stop Read more […]

Outlaw Friends and Relatives, Not Guns

July 20, 2012 a stranger walks into a movie theater in Aurora Colorado and opens fire on a crowd killing 12 and wounding 58 others. December 14, 2012 is stranger walks into an elementary school and opens fire on teachers and students killing 20 children and six adults. Strangers with guns committing violent crimes against people they don’t even know. The way the media and the Obama administration has handled these two situations you would think that we all needed to be looking out to protect Read more […]

Gay Man Opposes Gay Marriage – Says Kids Need Father and Mother

Gay activists have been trying to convince everyone that children raised by gay parents are just as normal as other children.  However, some recent reports indicated otherwise, such as the one that said children in gay households are 35% more likely to fail at school than children raised in traditional families. Now, a gay man is speaking out about the necessity of children having a father and mother over having two parents of the same sex.  Doug Mainwaring, co-founder of National Capital Tea Read more […]

God’s Beneficence and Man’s Arrogance

With the clean-up effort just beginning after Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey, many attempts at returning to “normalcy” are being complicated by long lines, high demand, and short supply. Tempers are flaring and looters are out in full force, looking to turn a bad situation into a quick profit. With his regular schedule on temporary hold, one writer in the area took to writing a short theology of weather, or more specifically, what he referred to as “A Jewish View of Hurricanes.” Not Read more […]