Facebook Knows Your Comments before You Hit Post, or Even If You Don’t!

Facebook knows the things you are about to say and the things you decide not to say. Ever wondered why some of your most powerful posts suddenly vaporize when you hit the “post” button? I have. After reading this, I don’t wonder as much. (In times of severe frustration with the same post being deleted numerous consecutive times—actually, a similar one, since I have to rewrite—I’ve finally resorted to typing elsewhere, then pasting. It gets me past the barrier but I’m not thrilled to have Read more […]

Independence Day, Thirty Years After: Pentagon Is Big Brother on the Other Side of the Screen

In George Orwell’s 1948 novel, 1984, the concept of “Big Brother” became the universal slogan for the surveillance state. Orwell used very little actual science fiction technology in his novel. But there was one prominent exception: the telescreen. Every home had a device that sent information (or disinformation) and also spied on the dwellers. This permitted the government, through this network, to not only gather intelligence, but to manipulate and control the people. Even though it was Read more […]