Just Say No to Remote Controlled Aircraft!

In response to the Germanwings suicide/mass murder, the German aircraft control authority wants remote controlled aircraft. Thus reports Reuters: “German air controllers urge remote control of planes after crash.” The German air traffic control authority has urged the aviation industry to develop technology that ground staff could use in an emergency to take remote command of a plane, which could help prevent a repeat of a Germanwings crash last month. Investigators believe that co-pilot Read more […]

A Reason why Germanwings Passengers Died: Government Security?

How national security policy might have contributed to the death of Germanwings passengers gives us a chance to re-think how we do national security. Since I have just written about “security regulations” at Heathrow Airport, perhaps it would be a good time to talk about what often happens when the state takes action to keep us safe. First a caveat: I haven’t found a history of French and German airline regulations, so I don’t know for sure when they put doors in their planes that Read more […]