Indian Doctor on Why You Should Still Love America

While the country may disappoint and be headed down the wrong road, it still makes sense to love America. NPR produced an amazing story about a doctor who provides cheap and skilled open heart surgery for poor people: “India’s Philanthropist-Surgeon Delivers Cardiac Care Henry Ford-Style.” With Buddha-like calm, the pediatric cardiac specialist huddles over the spliced-open chest of 6-year-old Nitha Nisar. Peering into the cavity, I see a startlingly large heart, an affliction caused Read more […]

Liberal Priorities: Outrage Over “Makeover” For Disney Princess

Because liberals are usually feelers instead of thinkers, they get caught up in the romantic, brainless crap called popular culture more easily than conservatives do. A recalibration of their priorities is in order, especially in light of a recent outrage of theirs: a makeover of the Disney-Pixar character Merida, the heroine of last summer’s Brave. Before being officially inducted into the Disney Princess family, Disney is giving Merida an ever-so subtle character redesign that entails a Read more […]