New York Times and CNN Cover for Mass Killing

Why would these mainstream news outlets obscure who was responsible for the mass killing of doctors and patients? The Intercept has a perspective that could bias them with a story like this. But when a Liberal news site congratulates the Wall Street Journal on printing the plain truth and points out that two major liberal sources are trying to hide it, I think we should take notice. The Intercept contends that the New York Times and CNN both tried to hide from readers the perpetrator of a mass Read more […]

Should Canadians Be Surprised at a Terrorist Attack?

Before any response to this critique of the Canadian government’s statements about the terrorist attack, read the entire post–including the addenda. I put this here to stimulate some much needed thought and conversation. (Note that the editorial was actually written about a previous attack, not the one pictured above.) Try as hard as you can to step outside the fishbowl of what you hear all of the time from government and media in this nation, and make a heroic attempt to understand Read more […]

New Leaker Behind Revelation of Expanded Definition of Terrorist

A new leaker after Edward Snowden? Should we declare him a traitor? I’d love some reader feedback about this one. You may remember back on July 24 that I posted about “The Definition of Terrorist Expanding Under Barack Obama.” The Obama Administration has been adding to the database of terrorists using standards that are not officially secret and yet are kept secret. This story originally came from the Intercept. Yesterday they published a related story: Nearly half of the people on the Read more […]