Global Warming High Priests Want Your Money

The U.N. high priests of Global Warming are meeting this week, no doubt flying into Stockholm, Sweden, on private pollutant-spewing jets. Global Warming “science” pays well, so they an afford it. Despite all data to the contrary, their final report on the scourge of manmade global warming, to be released on Sept. 30 will surely be chock-full of dire predictions of climate Armageddon unless America reverts to third-world status. Yet some have started to recognize the graffiti on the walls Read more […]

Global Warming Leads To Record Increase In The Ice Cap

To explain away the absolute dearth of evidence in the fossil record that would supposedly prove macroevolution, scientists came up with punctuated equilibrium. They didn’t have any evidence to support their theories, and since they had been riddled with more than a few “missing link” hoaxes perpetuated by very desperate scientists keen on making fools of Biblical creationists, they had to come up with a patch of sorts that would explain why they have no evidence. They “proved” their theory Read more […]

40 Years of Doomsaying Earth Day Predictions

In case you missed it, it was Earth Day yesterday. Frankly, I don’t know how you could. If you turn on the TV, a radio or went on any Internet search engine you could not help but notice the in your face green themes. Take heart, though. Lucky for you that missed celebrating Earth Day – the celebration is all week long. So in the spirit of Earth week — let’s look back to the beginnings of Earth Day and some of the predictions made by the scientific geniuses some 40 or so years ago. Let Read more […]