Hillary Clinton and Monsanto Make Dem Voters Unhappy

Environmentalists don’t appreciate Hillary Clinton and Monsanto in bed together. Will that be enough to stop her? In a way, I’m sorry that no Republican will get in much trouble for being a Monsanto salesman. I don’t have a firm opinion yet on GMO in general or on Monsanto’s products in particular, but I do wonder about their influence on our government. If this chart is even half accurate it represents a real problem: But while the Republican Party doesn’t have a large environmentalist Read more […]

Why Do McDonald’s Customers Need the FDA?

Are McDonald’s customers safer because of the Food and Drug Administration? We need the FDA to keep our food safe, right? But what if people don’t trust the FDA? As it happens, the Food and Drug Administration has declared the newest, uh, creation of J.R. Simplot Company—a genetically modified potato. It has their stamp of approval. J. R. Simplot is free to sell it and consumers are free to eat it. With the FDA’s approval, we are all supposed to feel confident that the potato Read more […]

I’m Supposed To Want To Eat GMO To Get More Vitamins In My Cheerios?

Whether or not I should be, I am not (yet?) anti-GMO (genetically modified organisms). However, I do recognize a government-industrial propaganda campaign when I see one. And I am also in favor of truth in labeling so that those who do not want to eat GMO have the freedom to not do so. So this story struck me as bizarre: The makers of Cheerios and Grape Nuts hope to win over health-conscious consumers by ditching genetically modified ingredients in their cereals. The problem is that Food Navigator Read more […]