A Meditation on the Fourth of July

This was written the day before the Fourth of July but it is still worth reflecting upon after the holiday weekend is over. We are nearing the 4th of July. It is a time of joy and celebration. And we hope to satiate our hunger tomorrow with good drinks, good food, and good friends. But beyond all the fireworks, parades, and the good and healthy national festivities, we will also remember that in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress, setting the 13 colonies Read more […]

The VA’s “Systemic” Problem Shows the Failure of Secularism

I haven’t collected evidence that most people in authority at the VA are committed atheists. But I am guessing that most are nominal believers who go to church seldom if ever. I’m open to counter evidence. But until I see it, I’m going to assume that the people in the power structure of the VA are, with few exceptions, moderate and secular people rather than religious zealots of any kind, including committed. This is very important to correctly understanding the VA scandal. The Secretary Read more […]

Questions To Ask A Candidate Who Wants Your Vote

What do you say when someone running for office asks for your vote?   Let’s say someone knocks at your door and they smile and tell you that they are running for State Delegate or State Representative or State Senate, or maybe for some County office like County Council or Sheriff.  Maybe they are running for Congress or the US Senate. Let’s say you know little about them except that they are polite and make a nice appearance.  They ask for your support and maybe for some money to help Read more […]

Some Are Calling this an ‘Apocalypic Election’

A few days ago I was at a high level financial seminar. It wasn’t the typical approach to investing. The goals were more long term. One of the speakers offered a captivating analysis of international markets. Picking winners and losers is not always in the numbers. During the question and answer session, the first question was about the generally held view that we are living in the end times. “How should we take an apocalyptic scenario into consideration in developing an investment strategy?” Read more […]