Questions To Ask A Candidate Who Wants Your Vote

What do you say when someone running for office asks for your vote?   Let’s say someone knocks at your door and they smile and tell you that they are running for State Delegate or State Representative or State Senate, or maybe for some County office like County Council or Sheriff.  Maybe they are running for Congress or the US Senate. Let’s say you know little about them except that they are polite and make a nice appearance.  They ask for your support and maybe for some money to help Read more […]

How to Defeat Your Own Argument with One Sentence

A recent editorial in the local newspaper provides a classic example of an individual arguing against himself. Rev. Dr. Nelson Price wrote a short article for the Marietta Daily Journal called “Take steps to ‘put crown back on head of America’.” It can be read here, if you are so inclined. The basic point of Dr. Price’s piece is that moral and civil laws have broken down in America; much like they did in the prophet Jeremiah’s day when he said that “the crown had fallen from their head” Read more […]