Even Liberals Hate the Barack Obama Golf Story

While I’m not proud of it, yesterday I stumbled onto Maureen Dowd’s column and saw that she is as upset about the perpetual Barack Obama golf game as anyone else. True confession, up until that moment I hadn’t paid too much attention to Barack Obama’s endless golf game. I believed it because it fit my image of him so well (think Nero overlooking Rome going up in flames, practicing his swing rather than playing the fiddle). But, at the same time, it felt like a story that only conservatives Read more […]

President Obama is America’s First Stepford President

Leftists and foreign policy simply don’t mix. It’s not just this administration. Look at Carter or even that Democrat icon, the aspirin factory bomber, Bill Clinton. This administration, however, is proving itself to be the worst in American history. In just a few short years Obama has taken a relatively well-respected nation and turned it into a laughingstock. Some might say that under George W. Bush foreign countries didn’t “like” the United States because of his Reagan-like “cowboy style.” Read more […]

Liberals: Blacks Can’t Like Fried Chicken Because It Makes People Believe Blacks Like Fried Chicken

Black people love fried chicken. That’s a general fact. It’s not true of all black people, but “general” doesn’t mean universal and absolute. So when this morning I read a story of manufactured outrage over a comment from a Hispanic golfer about half-black Tiger Woods liking fried chicken, I got pretty outraged myself. Sergio Garcia is that Hispanic. He and Woods apparently don’t like each other, but they will be playing together (against each other? I don’t know how it works) in something called Read more […]

Obama Says Some Americans More Equal than Others Like ‘Animal Farm’

George Orwell’s 1945 novel Animal Farm had the ruling class, the pigs, revise the law that “All Animals Are Equal” to read “Some Animals Are More Equal than others.” President Obama lives by this creed. We have all had the impending pain of sequestration incessantly drummed into us. The president is going to make certain that “everyone” feels the pain. We’ve been promised reductions in rank-and-file government staff, the military and phantom layoffs of teachers, firefighters and Read more […]