Liberal Artist Paints Jesus with AK-47

Artist Michael D’Antuono has unveiled his latest painting: “The Conservative Christ.” It shows Jesus holding an AK-47 and holding a pot of gold as He ignores a beggar wearing a rainbow wrist band. Jesus is shown to be indifferent to the man’s obvious needs. Liberals love Jesus as long as He’s a tax-and-spend leftist. Central and South America have made socialism its new political religion calling it “Liberation of Theology.” There’s nothing liberating about it. When it comes Read more […]

“Do This and Live”

As mentioned in yesterday’s article, Ayn Rand was known for her views of “anti-altruism,” or what she called the virtue of selfishness. However, what Rand called “selfishness” would be more accurate if it was referred to as “self-interest.” Pure selfishness is a total ignorance of the wants or needs of others, while self-interest does not promote such egotistical notions. Leonard Read explains: A vast majority of people in this and other countries, including many noted scholars, confuse Read more […]

Liberal Insists Jesus was a Socialist

My article “Paul Krugman Says It’s OK for Governments to Steal” got more than 200 comments. Sometimes I comment, but for the most part I try to stay out of on-line debates. Commenting on comments can be very time consuming, especially when you’re dealing with hard-headed know-it-alls who are allergic to facts, logic, and history. Often times, however, there’s a comment or two that needs a response. I found the following comment typically ill-informed: “The teachings of Christ just Read more […]