Google Wants to be Internet Pope

What makes Google as Internet pope scary is that they are claiming a much wider area of infallibility than the Pope does. I hope Roman Catholics will forgive me if my understanding of Papal infallibility is a little muddled. But I do know that the Pope does not intercept thousands of communications and direct people to his own conception of the truth. But that is what Google wants to do. Their papacy will cover the globe. As New Scientist reports, “Google wants to rank websites based Read more […]

FBI Attacks Apple for Offering Privacy to Customers

Why would we see a story about how the FBI attacks Apple and Google? Quite simply, because they hate the fact that the public is rebelling against their own lawlessness (if not the FBI’s, then at least the NSA’s). Thanks to for posting this video: I appreciate that the news anchor is worried that people will get away with crimes with these encrypted iPhones—and, eventually, Google phones. But doesn’t the fact that we don’t have police cameras monitoring every Read more […]

Google Severs Ties With Reality

This may come as no surprise, but Google is severing ties with a group of conservative legislators called the American Legislative Exchange Council. The stated reason is “climate change,” which must be stopped because our secret masters have taught us so. The ALEC does things like try to stop solar projects that come with free market restrictions that actually increase energy costs. Once San Francisco Bay Area liberals realized the ALEC wasn’t cool with the top-down “green” agenda, it was Read more […]

Google Searches Reveal Americans’ Loss of Faith in Government or Future

From the Sovereign Man blog: “Why does Obama suck?” If you’re not sure, ask Google. It seems that millions of Americans already have asked this question, along with: “Why does the government want to kill us?”, and “Can the government take your gold?” These are among the jewels of Google autocomplete– instantly displaying results from the most popular searches. Try it yourself. The results vary slightly based on geography, but if you type, for example, “Obama is “, I get Read more […]

The Google/NSA Web Gets More Tangled

The Daily Caller reports that Google is getting more deeply involved in serving the military. The headline says, “Google’s robots and creeping militarization,” but the story describes something more like a “rush” than mere “creeping.” Google CEO Larry Page has rapidly positioned Google to become an indispensable U.S. military contractor. Google recently purchased Boston Dynamics, a robotics pioneer that produces amazing humanoid robots for the U.S. Defense Department. This development Read more […]

Family Interrogated By Police For Googling “Pressure Cooker” And “Backpack”

Everyone knows by this point that you have to be careful what you say on social media sites like Facebook. One bad joke taken out of context could land you in jail on “terrorism” charges. So, everyone should know by now that we live in a “see something, say something” society, and if you say something questionable in an online, public forum, you’re at risk of the authorities paying you a visit “just to ask you a few questions.” Well, now it’s not just the public domain that you Read more […]

The Conservative Alternative To The Liberal Google

Boycotts are difficult acts of principle to adhere to. You can boycott Campbell’s soup and Nabisco for supporting what is incorrectly called gay “marriage,” but then you realize Campbell’s also makes V8 juices and expensive breads known as Pepperidge Farm. Can you really sacrifice the upper-class taste of Pepperidge Farm (and their cookies!) because their producers run pro-gay-marriage ads? What about Nabisco? Nabisco makes Oreo, Triscuit, Ritz crackers, and a whole bevy of other popular, delicious Read more […]

Battle Over Marriage Rages In Illinois

In the November elections, the voters in four states voted to approve same-sex marriages.  Illinois was not one of them.  In the state of Illinois, it is still against the law for same-sex partners to legally marry. However, as in many other states, that law is being challenged by gay rights activists. State lawmakers in Illinois are set to work on a bill later this week that would legalize same-sex marriage.  They are trying to force the bill through before the new legislators are sworn Read more […]

Rich People (Many of them Obama Supporters) Avoiding High Taxes

The Google Culture is a big supporter of the Obama Culture except when it comes to taxes. According to a report, “Google Inc. (GOOG) avoided about $2 billion in worldwide income taxes in 2011 by shifting $9.8 billion in revenues into a Bermuda shell company, almost double the total from three years before, filings show.” Google isn’t the only left-leaning American company working hard to avoid taxes. “At a hearing last month in the U.K., members of Parliament pressed executives from Google, Read more […]