Did Anyone Else Hate Nikki Haley’s Response to… Donald Trump? Ted Cruz?

The speech above was purported to be a response to Barack Obama’s State of the Union message. Hardly. I only bothered to listen to the speech because my Facebook feed yesterday was full of attacks on Ann Coulter for the tweets about Haley’s speech. While I didn’t bother to find out what Coulter wrote (because I don’t really care), I did get curious about Haley’s speech. And, for the record, I have heard nothing but good things about Haley. I certainly liked her more than Trump and, in Read more […]

Republicans Want Millennials, Then Defy Them on Abortion

If Republicans want Millennials, then why did they betray a majority of them? I have to add this footnote to my post about the horrible Republican betrayal of the pro-life cause. An excuse made for the sudden about-face, where the GOP Congress dropped a bill they had already passed and replaced it with another one was explained as a need to placate Millennials. This was a fraud. As CNS News reports, “Millennials Protest Ellmers’ Efforts to Delay and Dilute Pro-Life Bill.” A Read more […]

What Does the GOP Betrayal on Abortion Mean?

The refusal to pass the abortion bill for preventing pain for babies was a GOP betrayal, nothing less. Recently, the Republican-dominated Congress suddenly changed their minds about an abortion bill they had already passed. As the Federalist notes, this cannot be excused. It means the Republican Party is deliberately destroying the wishes of a majority of voters—especially in their own party: “Why Everyone Should Be Terrified By The GOP’s Abortion Bill Debacle.” Pro-lifers were promised Read more […]

Ted Cruz on Establishment Republicans and Climate Change

Cruz says Hell will freeze over before Establishment Republicans will listen. I sit here imagining Lindsay Graham and John McCain spewing coffee (and cursing, in McCain’s case), and Mitch McConnell choking on his Geritol, as they see this headline from Breitbart.com: “Ted Cruz: ‘Hell Will Freeze Over’ before Establishment GOP Listens to American People.” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told conservative radio host Mark Levin on Thursday evening that establishment GOP politicians will “never” Read more […]

In Praise of the Republican Party Establishment

Friends, Americans, patriots — lend me your ears. For once I come not to bury the Republican Party Establishment but to praise it. That’s right, it is I, a man who has been excommunicated so many times by the GOP establishment I’ve lost count, who is now here to tell of their mighty deeds. Just as “only Nixon could go to China,” so must the waxing poetic of the GOP’s “heroic” exploits come from a malcontent like me. By now you’re wondering “what did you do with the real Read more […]

Tea Party Has Not Yet Begun To Fight

The Washington Times ran a discouraging story last night, “GOP establishment defeats tea partyers in Ohio, North Carolina and Indiana primaries.” We knew that the establishment GOP was at war with the Tea Party; this shouldn’t surprise us. But we shouldn’t let our failure to win these primaries make us think we are defeated. The fact is that the war has not begun yet. Heading into the night, several of the Republican races had been cast as the first of a series of high-profile primary battles Read more […]

How Todd Aiken Beat the GOP Establishment and May Win in Missouri

I’ve written repeatedly that you can’t win a fight if you’re not in the ring. My anti-GOP and “no lesser than two evil” friends are complaining from the sidelines that the GOP is just like the Democrats. “If this is true,” I tell them, “then change it.” It’s easier for them to bellyache from the sidelines and watch the ship of state go down. They believe that with Barack Obama in for another four years things will go from bad to worse. When this happens, the people will finally Read more […]