Gordon College Bears Christian Witness in the Midst of Hatred

Despite having a legal case, Gordon College has elected not to use the courts against their enemies. Our era is well summed up by the title of an old book by Dr. Francis Schaeffer: Escape from Reason. When you attempt to follow many arguments against Christians back to a consistent starting point, you end up in dead-ends and collapsed bridges. We have become a people who react purely out of blind emotion—parroting baseless, “focus tested” talking-points from a political hack somewhere. The Read more […]

Roman Catholic College Attacks Evangelical College

The athletic department at a Roman Catholic College has canceled all sports matches with Gordon College because the school teaches that homosexual acts are sinful. We have posted about Gordon College before. It is a Christian college that is about to be stripped of its accreditation for daring to teach and expect teachers to uphold Biblical teaching about sex and marriage. For more see these posts: So It Begins: Christian College Loses City Contract; Accreditation Threatened Accreditation Read more […]

Christian College at Risk behind the Blue State Iron Curtain

Gordon College shows us how politically dominant homosexual orthodoxy will make the Red State Blue State divide into an Iron Curtain. People talk about the division of the country into red states and blue states, but recent use of homosexuality as if it were a civil rights issue and not a sexual ethics issue will make that division into a knife cut. We are going to see a legal Iron Curtain of sorts descend across the country as Christian Institutions are terminated or forced to relocate to Read more […]

So It Begins: Christian College Loses City Contract; Accreditation Threatened

By putting the government or quasi-government entities in education and virtually every other aspect of society, the groundwork for a top-down anti-Christian regime has been in place for a long time. The Government doesn’t need to officially overturn the First Amendment (though it is trying to do so) to meet many of its goals. It can make it a dead letter. From the Christianity Today blog: “Gordon College Loses City Contract, Gets Accreditation Scrutiny.” The college had partnered with Read more […]