Kim Davis and the Modern Pharisee

Kim Davis is demonstrating that her enemies are modern Pharisee accusers—a twenty-first century version of the Gospel enemies. When I read Rob Knowles’ post about the accusations and mockery of Kim Davis I hadn’t seen one yet. Then today one showed up in my Facebook feed. (In fact, after Davis went to jail, I saw Liberals express joy at the thought that she might be subjected to homosexual rape. Because tolerance, you know.) I think Davis is a goddess among humans. She is following Read more […]

The Road to Moral Anarchy

The only way to pull us back from moral anarchy is to preach that Jesus is Lord. This past week our family has enjoyed berry picking. The wild raspberry harvest came in this week and they are delicious. When the sun strikes them they look like ruby jewels hanging in groups from the raspberry bushes. You can tell from the colors which are the ripest, a deep burgundy instead of candy apple red. Some of the fruit is so ripe when you simply touch it; it falls into your hand. Sometimes they are Read more […]

The Coming Division between Christ and Family

While Americans have thought that Christ and family go together, the age of “family values” may be ending. Be prepared! For many generations Christians or converts to Christianity in the West (Europe & America) did not have to sacrifice much. The reason was Western Christendom. Most of society was built on Christian laws and operated under a Christian ethic. If someone  got saved at a revival meeting they went out into a world that, for the most part, approved of their conversion and the Read more […]

Grace: It Comes with Jesus, True God and True Human

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the Gospel (Good News) and Grace (undeserved favor) in this shooting spree and the aftermath. Dr. Mark Jones, Senior Minister at Faith Vancouver Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Vancouver, Canada, comments on recent events: Listening to the family members of those who were mercilessly killed in the Charleston church was an opportunity to witness some of the best theology you’ll see in your life. I only hope that if I am ever faced with a similar situation Read more […]

Homosexual Activism Is Forcing Christians to Take a Stand

Forcing Christians to affirm and celebrate “gay marriage” will make them into people who resist. A headline in the Washington Post reads, “‘Relationship with Jesus’ doesn’t justify florist’s refusal to serve gay couple, judge rules.” “Religious motivation does not excuse compliance with the law,” …said the rulers, elders, scribes, Annas the high priest, Caiaphas, John, and Alexander, and as many as were of the family of the high priest (compare). We will not merely Read more […]

A New Year’s Resolution: Hope and Change – Time To “Reboot”

What should hope and change really mean? “Free health care!”  “Free cell phones!”  “I don’t have to make my car payment any more!”  Such were the excited ravings that accompanied the political slogan/promise of “Hope and Change.”  Really?  Is that all hope and change amounts to…more “free stuff”?  Given the opportunity, what would you hope for…for yourself, your family, for America?  If you were “King of America” what changes would you make?  You may protest Read more […]

The Wilderness Wanderings

I just took a trip that I found encouraging in many ways, not just the time with family, and the rich fellowship in Christ, but also the taste of what is out there across America.  Out in the deserts of Nevada, I spoke with a proprietor of a general store.  It wasn’t long into our casual conversation that revulsion towards everything Washington D.C. does was revealed.  So those polls that put Congress and Obama in the sub cellar were revealed as we had a taste of them anecdotally. It gives Read more […]