Howard Dean Doesn’t Know Jesus

Howard Dean doesn’t know Jesus even by the truncated standard of the red-letter part of the Bible. It is pretty clear that Liberals are strategizing to pretend that the First Amendment doesn’t even apply to Christians because “real” Christianity is identical to liberalism and anything else is a fraud. We see this strategy in action when Barack Obama claims that all violence in Islam is not true Islam. As I wrote about his claims: this is posed as if Barack Obama is defending Islam. But Read more […]

The Virgin Birth was not a Pagan Story

It is popular in some circles to claim that the story of the virgin birth was a pagan insertion into the teaching of the early Church. In various books one can easily find by scanning the shelves of the “religion” section in any decent bookstore this claim functions as a plausibility structure helping uphold the modern and post-modern culture of unbelief. It is used as evidence for the unreliability of the Gospels (though actually the claim presupposes that the Gospels are unreliable). Further, Read more […]

Jesus on the Sabbath

What does the Gospel tell us about the Sabbath? Wednesday morning headlines in the Capital newspaper read, “Controversial candidate Peroutka wins council seat.” Now what is intended, I believe, on the part of those crafting such language is to proclaim that although a victory was won, it was not a good thing; or another way to say it is the voters made a bad choice. But is it a slam to be controversial? In an age of evil, in a land that is increasingly degenerate, to be considered controversial Read more […]

Did Jesus Feed 5000 To Justify Food Stamps?

This picture and slogan has showed up in my Facebook feed. I find it quite ironic. Jesus fed the 5000 men plus women and children by miraculously creating more bread as he divided up 5 loaves and 2 fish (Mark 6.30-44). He also fed 4000 men plus women and children from seven loaves (Mark 8.1-10). So, naturally, some wit had to put the words into the scene: “We can’t feed all these people; that would create dependency!” Before I explain the irony, let me first point out the absurd libel Read more […]