Nullifying the Constitution: So Who’s in Charge?

Since 9-11 the Federal government has removed more individual freedoms and civil liberties than at any given time since our country was founded. Each of these laws from the Patriot Act, NDAA, and even Obama Care are laws that were imposed by the government on the people without any chance to oppose them. This is also true of the gun debate, where the Federal government continues to try to get gun control implemented, even though most of the American people are against any form of gun control. What Read more […]

Why “Mental Illness” is the Avenue to Gun Confiscation

New York’s new gun law requires that mental health professionals report any person they consider “likely to engage in conduct that would result in serious harm to self or others.” If they don’t report this concern, and if something happens involving this person such as a shooting, the mental health professional could face charges for not reporting the person’s behavior to law enforcement. Obviously, this will lead to over-reporting, which is fine by state officials, because that means Read more […]

$7 Million in Gold Found at Dead Person’s House

Sixty-nine year old Walter Somasko Jr. never said much to his neighbors except for maybe a wave every now and then. He had lived in the same small Carson City, Nevada ranch house since 1968 and lived with his mother until she died in 1992. After the neighbors hadn’t seen him in weeks, and a foul odor started emanating from his house, they got concerned and contacted city officials. They found him dead, and the coroner said that he had been dead for about a month. Apparently, he died of heart disease. Alan Read more […]