Another IRS Robbery of a Small Business Owner

They promised to stop doing it, but here is yet another IRS robbery “They seize a little over a hundred thousand dollars out of my business account here, which was all that was in there. It took thirteen years to get it and less than thirteen seconds, I guess, to take it away.” – Lyndon McLellan, owner of L&M Convenience Mart. We really do live in a third-world banana republic: A few days ago, I saw headlines about the promise that the IRS will stop robbing people. I thought Read more […]

Stealing Raisins about to be Reviewed by the Supreme Court

The government has been stealing raisins since the Depression. Back in July 2013, Dave Jolly introduced readers to a Mark Horne (no relation) of Raisin Valley Farms in Kerman, California. He wrote, In 2002, Horne decided to stop giving part of his crop to the feds and has continued to do so every year since.  In response, the government is saying that he now owes them 1.2 million pounds of raisins and he is facing fines of $650,000 dollars. Horne contends that the Marketing Order confiscation Read more […]