Tracking & Classifying Our Children From Pre-K To College

With the obsession over early (and ever-earlier) childhood education, and the alleged “achievement gap” that supposedly results throughout life whenever some four-year-old is not pushed into structured education, I should have seen this coming. From USA Today: The [New York] state Education Department is in the final stages of creating a system to share student data with colleges and a half-dozen other state agencies so that New Yorkers can be tracked from preschool to college to the workforce Read more […]

Government Schools Using RFID Chips to Track Students

The Northside school district in Austin, Texas is implementing a program that tracks its students with RFID chips in their school ID’s, which are worn around their necks. The stated purpose is to increase attendance and thereby increase revenue. Schools with attendance problems receive less revenue from the state than those without attendance problems. So, the theory is that if they can raise attendance through tracking students, they’ll bring in more revenue from the state. School officials Read more […]