Recognizing the Enemy of the People

People are opening their eyes. There may not be enough of them and it may be too late to do much about it, but the results of a recent poll are undeniably satisfying. The local Washington DC affiliate reports: “Report: More Than 1 In 4 Americans Believe Government Is The Enemy.” More than 1 in 4 Americans believe that the government is the enemy, according to a new poll. Pew Research Center found that 27 percent of registered voters say they think of government as an enemy, up 8 points since 1996. Read more […]

Little Girls Tangle With the Man Over Lemonade Stand

Hard work and entrepreneurial industriousness are the key to success in America. Unfortunately, they’re also the key to harassment by police and bureaucrats, and possibly a citation with a fine. That’s what two young ladies learned in Overton, Texas, when they thought to enter the competitive world of concession operations by selling generously sized cups of lemonade for 50 cents and bags of homemade kettle corn for $1. The Green Girls Lemonade Stand, as their sign says, no doubt was a Read more […]

What a Bunch of Liars

Our government is full of liars.  How can you possibly believe anything they tell you? I’m not just talking about the Obama White House.  I am talking about government in general.  What a bunch of freakin liars. How can people act the way that they do?  Don’t they have a working conscience?  Isn’t there anything in them that makes them feel queasy when someone catches them “miss-speaking” or “miss-remembering?”  (That one takes the cake for made up phrases.)  The co-conspirator Read more […]

Separation Of Church And State, Not God And Government

Under the true, original American View of law and government, all law, and therefore all rights, originate in God. Therefore, what is not in accord with God’s Law is not law. The acknowledgement of this first principle of law and government is foundational to our lives and to our liberties. We are informed of this principle in Scripture, and we are the beneficiaries of centuries of application of this view by those on whose shoulders were are privileged to stand. We can see evidence Read more […]

New Government Religious Advisor Glad Civil Religion Is Dying

What better way to justify liberal ideology than to place people in a leadership position over a certain aspect of society or government who does not believe in the traditional tenets of that aspect.  For example, if the Pentagon wants to do away with traditional moral values, then what better way than to promote those that share the liberal ideologies to the top rankings so they can make those decisions. Secretary of State John Kerry is doing just that in his formation of the new Office of Faith-Based Read more […]

You Can’t Do It Here

A public school teacher from New Jersey has apparently lost his job for giving a Bible to and discussing religion with one of his students. Walter Tutka, a substitute middle school teacher, was dismissed for “distributing religious literature” and “not remaining neutral when discussing religion.” In other words, Tutka was fired for doing the very thing teachers are paid for—teaching. When a student asked Tutka where a quotation was from that the student had heard him say, Tutka told Read more […]

Term Limits: Learning from the Confederates

One of my main talking points in the area of politics (and anyone even remotely acquainted with me knows that these are few and far between) is the issue of term limits. I have long been a supporter of them—at all levels of government. One of the brilliant moves taken by the writers of the Confederate Constitution of 1861 was to limit the President’s term to six years, with no chance of re-election (Article 2, Section 1). This assured that new executive leadership would be had every six years. Read more […]

The Federal Temptation

As a follow-up to a recent article, I thought a related idea was in order. A large part of what is involved in getting government out of our daily lives is getting us out of government. Leonard Read makes the point: Prosperity breeds a peculiar temptation—the temptation to solicit economic privileges from government. I am acquainted with many Americans, outstanding in their specializations, who seek special privileges—living off others by coercive governmental interventions. They yield to temptation, Read more […]

Get the Government Out

Liberals often mock conservatives for supposedly having no answers to modern problems. To hear liberals explain it, the conservative response to everything is “get the government out of it.” And while it is most definitely true that this is a foundational plank of the conservative message, liberals are only giving half of the story when they say this. The primary reason why “getting the government out” does not sound like a credible solution to most liberals is because most liberals don’t Read more […]

Gun Grabber Obama OKs Armed Guards for Life for Own Family

You and your family aren’t worth as much to the world as President Obama. Or first lady Michelle. Or Sasha. Or Malia. Or, heck, even first dog Bo. On Thursday, Obama signed a bill that will allow him, President Bush and future presidents lifetime Secret Service protection. The new law repeals a mid-1990s law that had limited Secret Service details to 10 years after a president’s term. The level of hypocrisy exhibited by Obama signing such a bill while he has his lackeys working feverishly Read more […]

The All-American Entitlement Mentality

John Stossel’s newest article is a welcome addition to the conservative/libertarian arsenal. Entitled “Government Gone Bad,” Stossel makes the point that laws rarely improve life. In fact, he argues, it is a difficult task to convince the average voter that fewer laws are actually better. Most voters, Stossel says, are under the impression that when laws are being passed, government is “doing something.” And when government is doing “something,” they are fulfilling the civic duty for Read more […]

Will a SWAT Team Invade Your Business?

The following is from Jan Morgan’s website: “This documentary exposes the blatant trampling of the Constitutional rights of Americans during white collar crime investigations by the Department of Justice and the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service. “This documentary is not about the guilt or innocence of the citizens involved. It is about the increasing number of unconstitutional, para-military, gestapo style raid tactics involving two agencies of the federal government. “These Read more […]