Rick Perry & the President’s “Tone.” Are We at the Brink?

Ladies and gentlemen: If the tone and content of this brief statement from Governor Rick Perry don’t send chills up your spine, you’d better check your pulse and/or your IQ. This is one small step from… … … … (I’ll let you fill it in) The gravity of this statement makes me reflect back on the President’s very recent move to strip all Apache Attack Helicopters from the State Guards. What is this DC executive planning? Why is he threatening our governors to the point where one would Read more […]

Illinois Exemplifies How Big Government & Big Crime Go Together

When most people think of tyranny, and totalitarian government, they think of rigid rules and harshly enforced laws. But what tyranny and big government really involves in the majority of cases is a lot of politically-connected law breakers. Regulations provide opportunities for bribery or kickbacks in many different ways. Laws can be selectively enforced so that some criminals get protection and provide an unofficial income stream to the ones responsible for enforcing the law. In a democracy, criminals Read more […]

GOP Run States Best for Business Economic Competitiveness

When I was growing up, my dad always told me that the Republican Party was for the rich people and the Democratic Party was for the working people.  As I became old enough to vote (the year I turned 21 was the year they lowered the voting age to 19), I saw the two parties differently than my dad.  I saw the Republican Party as the Party for business and economic growth and the Democratic Party was all about unions and stopping companies from being successful. Forty years later, I am more certain Read more […]

Obamacare Exchanges Being Turned Down by GOP Governors

Obamacare exchanges consist of a federally financed healthcare entitlement that would subsidize insurance premiums for low and some middle income American families. The exchanges go into effect January 1, 2014. The amount of the subsidy depends upon the family income with the lowest income getting the greatest subsidy. Exchanges are to be run by the states under the guidance of the federal health care program. A number of state governors, all Republicans, are taking a second look at the Obamacare Read more […]