The Grand Jury Decision: What is Next for Ferguson?

The Grand Jury has ruled; so the question now is: How will people receive the news? [Editor’s note: Obviously this was written soon after the announcement but before the violence was reported. Please pray for Ferguson and St. Louis.] I am so very thankful for the initial, peaceful reaction to the decision in St. Louis County. (At least that is true thus far, as I write this post. I’m praying it continues.)  I commend the prosecutor, Robert McCulloch, for going above and beyond the normal Read more […]

The People’s Grand Jury

According to the Supreme Court, the people’s grand jury is in effect a fourth branch of government. The preamble to the US Constitution begins with “We The People, in order to form a more perfect union…”.  For the first time in history, a People with God-given rights established a Government based upon those rights under the Rule of Law.  America’s Founders examined the causes that led to failure of the great nations in history.  They studied the great writers including Cicero, Read more […]

Chris Christie and the Priorities of Federal Law Enforcement

From the New York Post: A federal grand jury is investigating NJ Governor Chris Christie’s involvement in the George Washington Bridge traffic scandal and heard hours of testimony Friday from Christie press secretary Mike Drewniak. The US Attorney in New Jersey is taking the investigation extremely seriously, and recently increased the number of investigators on the case from three to 10, sources told the Post. Drewniak’s lawyer, Anthony Iacullo, said the aide wasn’t a target of the investigation. “We’re Read more […]

Tom DeLay Conviction Overturned But Not Before Being Destroyed

You don’t have to be guilty of anything to be destroyed by liberals,and Tom DeLay will be one of the first to let you in on the secret. You can be charged with a crime and then be required to spend all your money defending yourself. This works quite well when there’s a political system that will back the political establishment. It happened to Tom DeLay when he took on the Democrat power structure in his district. The following is from my good friend Dr. Steven F. Hotze, Chief Executive Officer Read more […]