The American Thinker on the Republican Prospects for 2016 Leaves Out a Detail

Republican prospects are not good if the grassroots and the Establishment can’t get together, but what motivates the Establishment? Robert Smith wrote about Republican prospects in the American Thinker blog: “The Bare Naked Truth about the GOP and 2016.” Here’s the dilemma – and it’s a big one. Electing a Democrat president in 2016 would be bad for the nation, very bad. Conservatives agree. Establishment Republicans do too, in important regards, at least. To avert further troubles Read more […]

Gun Manufacturers Refuse To Sell To Government Agencies

For months, we’ve been showing the hypocrisy of the left when it comes to guns. They don’t want guns for citizens to protect themselves, but they want guns for police, government officials and bodyguards. And no one can justify having an AR-15. Even though it is only a semi-automatic weapon like most handguns, they look scary, and therefore should not be accessible to citizens. Police and military, sure, but not oridinary people. Well, it looks like those restrictions are backfiring. Six firearms Read more […]

Populist Resistance to Obamacare Angers Lefties

You would think that Leftists have a reputation for meekly submitting to election results and waiting their turn in the next campaign season. They certainly act like such behavior is required of us. But it is not! With the radical Obama in the White House, it never stops being campaign season, not only for him, but for his opposition. And by opposition, I do not mean the Republican Party, I mean every producer in the country. This opposition is growing. An angry tirade was just released to us Read more […]