Woman Wins Right to Die because She’s Shallow

I believe people should have the authority over themselves to refuse treatment. That doesn’t mean they are always or usually right to do so. In Britain it seems to be the law that you have to give your reasons for refusing to the authorities and they decide if your reasons are rational. This may seem more compassionate, but the result is the legitimization of suicide because a person’s life is determined to be of no value. Recently, a woman’s right to die was justified an the grounds that she Read more […]

Islamic Baby Name Is the Most Popular in Britain

If an Islamic baby name is more popular than any other name for new children, what can we expect in the next generation in England? It is pretty interesting that the headline gives the reader no indication of the content of the story: “Amelia and Oliver top 62,000 DIFFERENT baby names in Britain.” The subhead was quite misleading: “PARENTS chose 62,000 different names for babies born last year as Britain becomes ever more multicultural, research revealed today.” The story doesn’t Read more […]

UK Anti-Terrorism Program Targets Christian Children

Using the excuse of an anti-terrorism program, UK education alerts teachers to children who view homosexual activity as wrong. You can say to yourself that this is only happening in Britain and not here. But it is certainly going to happen here and it probably already is happening. The only difference is the plans and programs are still hidden. Does anyone seriously think there isn’t a government database of all the Facebook profiles that refused to post rainbow images in celebration of the Read more […]

Knives Don’t Kill; People Kill!

While the news seems like it must be satire, the British police really are offering amnesty for people who turn in their knives. Only two days ago I wrote about a vicious attack on an unarmed young man by a group of four with a machete. I argued that since laws against carrying guns meant that people could be attacked by long knives, like a machete, that such laws naturally demanded another set of laws banning knives. Then yesterday I saw this story at Countercurrent News: “British Police Read more […]

Coming Here Soon: 3000 Operations Cancelled in the UK

When politics runs medical care… prepare to wait… and wait… as you see beds fill up and operations cancelled and people die without care… 2015 isn’t beginning well for Brits relying on their government for medical care. BT.com reports, “3,000 ops cancelled as demand rises.” More than 3,000 operations have been cancelled by the NHS in the first two weeks of this month as an “unprecedented demand” takes its toll. Figures show 3,113 elective operations were cancelled in that period, Read more […]

Child Rape Permitted for the Sake of Political Correctness and Ethnic Diversity

When the Roman Catholic Church is accused of permitting child rape, the Left goes into a self-righteous frenzy. Maybe all you Liberals should do some soul searching as the story is broken about Rotherham, a town in northern England with a population of little more than a quarter million. 1,400 children were abused—including many serious rapes, group rapes, and threats (like being doused with gasoline and threatened with a match)—between 1997 and 2013. That’s what a government report Read more […]

In Europe, Betraying Wives And Girlfriends Is Not Restricted To Politicians

A self-reported 58% “faithful” rate makes Britons the best in Europe. Wow. From the Telegraph: “Britons ‘most faithful partners’ in Europe.” Italian men are in joint pole position with their French cousins, with 55 per cent of males from both countries saying that they have had sexual relations with a woman other than the person they were in a relationship with. British men scored far lower, but were shown to be no angels, with 42 per cent of them saying they had had an affair, Read more […]

The Alarming Rate At Which Christianity Is Being Replaced By Islam

Millions of Americans fail to realize that what happens in Great Britain generally happens here in America a few years later. The hippie and free love movement back in the 1960s started in Great Britain and quickly spread to our shores, especially the western shores of California.  Around the same time, the Beatles surfaced and changed the sound of music in our country. National Health Care was launched in Great Britain long before anyone thought it would materialize here, but alas, thanks Read more […]

Socialists Pushing Accelerated Death and Euthanasia

Remember four years ago when newly elected President Barack Obama told us to look at the European countries who had socialized medicine as examples of what America should have?  He mentioned England and Canada and then referred to other countries as models for us to follow. Virtually every one of those model countries are facing financial shortfalls in their national health programs.  Great Britain is cutting covered services and treatments to help offset the rising costs. Now, socialists Read more […]