Will Christians Let Mistaken Theology Weaken Them in the Coming Struggle?

We need to think about whether we are allowing mistaken theology to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Does mistaken theology weaken the Church’s impact? Divorced from any specific context or application, I think every Christian would agree it very clearly does–any time we misunderstand God’s plan and truth, it hampers our witness, and tarnishes men’s perception of His glory to some degree. Dr. McDurmon has a profound point here: Does a team taking the field with zero authentic hope of Read more […]

Representing the Almighty

Have you ever thought about the difficulties of communication? It was interesting last month to watch my girls play with a friend’s children who hardly spoke any English. They found ways to play together in spite of the language barrier. In advertising, communicating with a target market means more than tossing out catchy slogans. A few companies learned this the hard way when they tried to translate their catchy English slogans directly into Spanish.  Braniff beckoned its passengers to Read more […]

If Our Civil Rulers Deny Jesus, Then Jesus Will Deny Them

This has been quite a week in Maryland. The benighted legislature in Annapolis passed a bill on Thursday to supposedly protect transgenders from discrimination when in reality is gives them legal cover under the color of law to walk into the bathroom of the opposite sex, or the locker room or even the showers. Who does this discriminate against? Anyone who follows God’s moral order, which is the laws of the universe as created by Him, He made them male and female and made no other. In this Read more […]