33 Shocking Facts That Are All Obama’s Fault (But Will be Blamed on Bush)

The other day Rush Limbaugh spoke of an article posted on Zero Hedge. If you’re not already — you should become a regular reader. The article entitled “33 Shocking Facts Which Show How Badly the Economy Has Tanked under Obama.” Okay, it’s a bit wordy but it does alert you. After reading it I couldn’t let it go without editorializing on at least some of the 33 facts. If you’re an Obama sycophant, you may want to make yourself a little sign to hold up while reading. When you feel “The One” Read more […]

The Civil Slavery of Black Americans

There is no doubt that race relations in America are strained between black and white people (especially in the South). There are many racial prejudices and stereotypes that, at least in a general way, seem to correlate to experience. For instance, many white Americans (even ones who claim to be the stoutest supporters of racial equality) view black people as generally inferior in culture, language, heritage, wealth, family life, education, etc. There are reasons why these generalities exist. Getting Read more […]

Why Poverty is Mostly a Self-Inflicted Condition

For decades Americans have been told that the way to rid the nation of poverty is to redistribute wealth to the underclass. We’ve seen an increase in wealth redistribution since the Great Society anti-poverty programs of the 1960s under Lyndon B. Johnson’s administration. The amount of wealth redistribution in America today is staggering, and yet we still have an underclass, an underclass that is growing. Human nature comes into play for every economic transaction that takes place. People Read more […]