Voters Voted for Gridlock and Liberals Know It

There should be no doubt that Americans voted for gridlock by voting for Republicans. On November 4, while Americans were voting in overwhelming numbers for Republicans, The Huffington Post ran a piece by Jeff Schweitzer: “The Price of Failure and Rise of Extremism: How Democrats Blew It.” Mitch McConnell, with a straight face and no apparent appreciation for irony, said that voters should install a Republican majority in the Senate because his party would “be able to bring the current Read more […]

Who Cares If We Can’t Defund Obamacare? Deflating Obama Is Worth It

The Reuter’s story says it all: President Barack Obama said on Tuesday that stalled immigration reform would be a top priority once the fiscal crisis has been resolved. “Once that’s done, you know, the day after, I’m going to be pushing to say, call a vote on immigration reform,” he told the Los Angeles affiliate of Spanish-language television network Univision. The president’s domestic agenda has been sidetracked in his second term by one problem after another. As he coped with the revelation Read more […]

Starbucks Wrong! United They Stand—Against Us

How cute. Starbucks is doing its part to “avert” the fiscal cliff. “Starbucks is using its coffee cups to jump into the political fray in Washington. The world’s biggest coffee chain is asking employees at cafes in the Washington, D.C., area to scribble the words “Come Together” on cups for drink orders on Thursday and Friday. CEO Howard Schultz says the words are intended as a message to lawmakers about the damage being caused by the divisive negotiations over the ‘fiscal cliff.’ It’s Read more […]