Government: Colleges Independent of Us Don’t Exist

The government’s list of colleges shows they think that only ones getting federal funds are real. Originally, the government was going to rate all the colleges on one giant spectrum of best to worst. That idea was unworkable and even liberals opposed the idea. So now we have simply a list of colleges with some information about graduation rates and the average income of graduates. We need the government to provide such information because the private sector never provides it. Just ask Wikipedia. But Read more […]

Would Liberal Professor Tell Students to Stomp on Paper with “Allah” and MLK Written on It

You knew that no liberal professor would ever write “Allah” on a sheet of paper and force students to stomp on it. The same is true of civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr. You aren’t the least surprised that students were forced to stand on a paper that had JESUS written on it. And you wouldn’t be surprised if you heard of students who were ridiculed by a liberal professor for believing in God or being political conservatives. It goes with the college experience. Deandre Poole, a liberal Read more […]