Michael Medved is a Cocktail Party Republican Not a Tea Party Republican

I inadvertently left my copy of Wednesday’s edition of USA Today on the sofa where my wife could see an article written by Michael Medved. Big mistake. She was incensed. She’s still talking about it. There are too many people who call themselves conservatives who want to be thought of as team players. They’re wined and dined and fawned over with a hearty slap on the back. They want to be accepted by the in-crowd. I put Medved in that category. He’s just conservative enough to pass muster, but when Read more […]

The Middle East Has Become America’s Quagmire

Show of hands — who is sick of talking or hearing about Syria and the Middle East? I like knowing geography as much as the next guy, but frankly I’m tired of learning the cities and provinces of every Middle East country. Did anyone know much of anything about the Kurds before the whole Iraq thing? Could anyone have guessed the name of any province in Afghanistan or that Benghazi is a city not some guy? I bet, for those of us that follow this stuff, we could name more cities in Syria Read more […]

Fiscal Cliff Talks and Negotiations Should be Televised!

When Barack Obama ran for president in 2008, one of his campaign promises was to have one of the most open presidencies of all time.  He promised that everything would be done out in the open for all to see and judge.  Nothing would be hidden from the American public. That promise ended the day he was sworn in as president.  In his first four years, he has conducted more secret negotiations behind closed doors than any president in history.  When you take a good look at the Obama’s record Read more […]

Rep. King: Taxation Is a Moral Issue Like Abortion, Capital Punishment, and War and Peace

The news is filled with stories of Republicans who are agreeing to a tax increase if the conditions are right. The Democrats, once again, are laughing at them. The Democrats will get what they want (higher taxes), some spending cuts that won’t make a difference, and the credit. The Republicans will then try to explain to their shrinking base what went wrong. The once-steadfast anti-tax Republicans are getting angry at Grover Norquist because he is calling them out on the anti-tax pledge they Read more […]

It’s Time to Start Planning to Pickoff Establishment Republicans

  Too much emphasis is placed on the Executive office when it comes to elections. While I would like to capture the White House, it isn’t necessary. The Senate was originally designed to protect the interests of the states. Unfortunately, popular elections have changed that constitutional provision. Senators are little more than 3-term congressmen. If we’re going to keep the House and expand its numbers and take back the Senate, we’ll have to start planning today. The first thing Read more […]