Army Charges Bergdahl as Deserter, Source Says

Not that the Obama Administration would announce such a thing, but apparently Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, for whom five terrorist leaders were swapped, is going to be charged as a deserter, according to retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, who spoke on the O’Reilly show Monday. You remember Bergdahl, the guy President Obama hailed at the White House as a hero? Bergdahl had been dwelling among the Taliban between 2009 and May of last year — “held by the Taliban,” according to the White House and Read more […]

Released Gitmo Inmates Join ISIS

Remember all those predictions that inmates released from Guantanamo Bay would just go right back to the same Islamist terror groups they came from? This is where conservatives get to say “told ya so” to their liberal acquaintances. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Intelligence sources have informed Fox News that as many as 30 former Gitmo inmates released in the past three years are believed to have enlisted in ISIS, al-Qaida and other Islamist organizations inside Syria. Of the 620 inmates released Read more […]

FYI: The Bergdahls’ Pastor’s Testimony About Them

While I don’t condone any wrongdoing, I thought this testimony was something that people needed to know about regarding the Bergdahl family. Take it for what it is worth. I appreciate your asking about the Bergdahls. I’ve really been saddened about how the Christian community is jumping all over this. Here’s the deal… I pastored the Bergdahl family in 2003, prior to going to Uganda. We were very close, and remained so throughout my time in Uganda (I just found out this evening that apparently Read more […]

Who Wants to Sign Up to Be Treated Worse than Terrorist Prisoners?

How many times can I say it? Why anyone would willingly choose to serve in today’s military is a total mystery to me. Now this editorial from Fox News makes an important observation: By now most American have heard about the VA’s infamous patient “secret wait lists” which reportedly contributed to the deaths of up to 40 veterans in the Phoenix area alone. Those patriots were American heroes who served our country proudly. Yet they were left to die waiting to see a doctor. Here’s another Read more […]

A Spying Program Designed for Us

If the NSA spying program is so good at catching the bad guys, then why didn’t it know about the Boston bombers and Edward Snowden? The answer is simple: The program was designed to keep track of us. So, most of our “so called” elected officials here in the United States are outraged that Edward Snowden the whistle blower that leaked the news of NSA’s Verizon Telephone spying program on United States citizens will be granted asylum by more than a few countries around the world. What we Read more […]

Once Again It’s Bush’s Fault

Ron Fournier, writing for The National Journal, is to be congratulated. In a world rife with foul “journalism” it isn’t just any, garden variety, “mainstream media” stooge that could manage to turn the worst, consecutive set of presidential scandals in American history, into an indictment … of a president that has been out of office for five years. Fournier’s article, entitled “Welcome to the Bush-Obama White House: They’re Spying on Us” begins: “Welcome to the era of Bush-Obama, Read more […]