Boycott Australia

In the wake of the bored teens’ attack on Australian baseball player and student Chris Lane, former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer suggested that his fellow Aussies boycott the U.S: “It is another example of murder mayhem on Main Street. People thinking of going to the U.S.A. for business or tourist trips should think carefully about it, given the statistical fact you are 15 times more likely to be shot dead in the U.S.A. than in Australia, per capita.” While he might champion Read more […]

Pro-Trayvon Rioters Prove The Need To Carry a Gun

The headlines at The Drudge Report over the last few days demonstrate the valid need for private gun ownership. So, naturally, President Obama pushed for the exact opposite. Making yet another pitch for gun control on Monday, Obama said, “We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis.” A better question to ask ourselves is from where and from whom the gun violence in America is specifically coming. Liberals, Read more […]