Woman Stabbed to Death Waiting for Gun Permit

The state needs to keep us all safe, even at the cost of a woman stabbed to death. Since I reported on a woman who survived an armed attack because she was permitted more than ten rounds, perhaps it would be good to contrast that story with another about a woman stabbed to death because she wasn’t permitted a gun. Of course, this woman had filed a restraining order against the suspect. And, of course, this restraining order did nothing to prevent him from stabbing her to death. But the Read more […]

Supreme Court Leaves Gun Owners Under Thumb of Legislatures, and Middle Class Disarmed Before the Rich

The Second Amendment is supposed to be a restraint on the legislature. As written, it forbids anyone from passing certain kinds of laws or implementing certain kinds of policies: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. This amendment not only restrains the Federal government from passing laws that infringe the rights of the residents of a state from keeping or bearing weapons of any kind, but Read more […]

Boston Bombers Had Illegal Guns But Legal Pressure Cookers Gun Permits

This is rich. “A Massachusetts police official says the brothers suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon before having shootouts with authorities didn’t have gun permits.” Wow! What a surprise. Their illegal possession of guns didn’t stop these two men from getting guns illegally and using them to kill MIT campus cop Sean Collier. If they had more opportunity, they most likely would have killed more people. Criminals don’t care about laws. Here’s what we know. The two alleged bombers Read more […]