Lies Do Not Prevent Gun Violence provided this report about a recent speaking engagement where the President addressed law enforcemtent professionals. On October 27 President Obama addressed law enforcement personnel gathered in Chicago and said that “It is easier for a lot of young people in this city and [communities around the country] to buy a gun than it is to buy a book.” He was speaking to the 122nd annual International Association of Chiefs of Police. After addressing the inherent dangers of a job Read more […]

Cops Terrorize Family For Driving Car that Didn’t Match Description

So why would cops terrorize a family? They have a reason to give. Someone had reported a tan Toyota in which someone had allegedly been waving a gun out the window. (Was it a toy? We don’t know.) So naturally the police officers in Forney, Texas, pulled over a red Nissan. (Hey, Toyota and Nissan both share one letter of the alphabet, so it was close, right?). In that suspiciously different vehicle was a mother, Kametra Barbour, driving her four children—four children all under the age Read more […]

More Guns in Chicago and Reduced Gun Violence

There is reduced gun violence in Chicago. Why? If the Liberals who wanted a police state in Chicago had gotten their wish, and the crime rate had sunk, they would have been claiming a direct cause-and-effect relationship. But that’s not what happened. The Washington Times reports: An 86-year-old Illinois man with a concealed carry permit fired his weapon at an armed robbery suspect fleeing police last month, stopping the man in his tracks and allowing the police to make an arrest. Law Read more […]

If Gun Control is About Reducing Violence Then Let’s Ban Microwaves, Cars and Kitchen Spatulas

After being embarrassingly defeated in the Democratic controlled Senate on his anti-gun and anti-Second Amendment bills, President Barack Obama has vowed to continue to his fight to reduce violence in the United States.  He still contends that the defeated anti-gun laws have the sole purpose of reducing gun related violence and make our nation safer.  The rest of the liberal Democrats echo his claims and also vows to push again and again to rid our nation of these evil inanimate items that cause Read more […]

The Solution to our Nation’s ‘Gun Problem’

Killing people is a moral problem not a societal problem. There are few people who want to talk about morality these days. It’s no wonder that there are no longer any moral taboos. What was considered immoral 40 years ago is being made formally legal today by voters, legislators, and our courts. I believe there is a relationship between “defining deviancy down” and an increase in the disregard for other people. An uptick in ‘Moral Misfits’ is the result. The usual suspects are out in force calling Read more […]