JPMorgan Chase: What if Your Job Security Depends on Supporting LGBT?

One more reason to have nothing to do with JPMorgan Chase (aside from the fact they’re a wretched bank, that should have failed five or six years ago). From the Mirror of Justice: “Brendan Eich Was Only the Beginning.” I’ve worked at Chase for the past 11 years. Yearly (sometimes skipping a year though) the bank will send out an Employee Survey to gauge how the employees feel about the bank and the management team they report up to. Every year that’s all the questions ever related to: the Read more […]

Executive Branch Bypasses Congress to Impose Financial Sanctions on… Legal Gun Dealers

I have already mentioned “Operation Chokepoint,” which is being used to blackmail banks and other financial businesses from offering their services to gun dealers. The Washington Times has followed up the story with a report on other ways in which the Executive Branch is using targeted sanctions against legitimate American businessmen because they sell guns. Gun retailers say the Obama administration is trying to put them out of business with regulations and investigations that bypass Congress Read more […]

Intimidation & Revenue Spies: The IRS Is Demanding Ron Paul’s Donor List

Let us imagine that voting in this country was done differently. How would votes go if the government recorded your vote during every Presidential election and sent that information to the IRS, the FBI, and all other Federal agencies? How would that change voting patterns? I guess, rather than voting only for the candidate they preferred, many voters would simply try to guess which candidate was likely to win. Then they would vote for that candidate because they don’t want to be on the President’s Read more […]