Obamacare Fantasy Whining: “Republicans Want Us To Work All The Time”

There is such a thing a scarcity. Americans have been so prosperous for so long that many intellectuals are trying to convince themselves that it does not exist. A few days ago I noted that Obamacare, according to the CBO, is going to entice people to work less and keep their income low in order to keep getting government subsidies for their health insurance. I thought it was self-evident that this was a really bad thing. But to liberals, Republicans are the party-poopers spoiling their dream. Read more […]

If They Can Do It In Russia We Can Still Succeed In The US!

I can’t stand Bloomberg’s big government, pro-fiat-currency, pro-central-bankster perspective. But it still sometimes prints really good stories. Consider two physicists who had the blessing of learning about roofing: Sergey Kolesnikov and Igor Rybakov spent their summers in the early 1990s fixing rooftops around Moscow, a job that paid them about $500 a month. The work gave the aspiring scientists, who were roommates at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia’s top research Read more […]