Fewer IRS Audits? Oh No! That Would Be Terrible!

Amazing how the story just came out that even with all of these alleged cuts, the IRS took in more than ever in history last quarter, and we still had a massive deficit! Kill the IRS, and then take the checkbook away from Congress. At that point, we might be getting somewhere. From Associated Press: “House Votes to Slash IRS Tax Enforcement Budget.” The GOP-controlled House has voted to slash the budget for the Internal Revenue Service’s tax enforcement division by $1.2 billion, a 25 percent Read more […]

Chris Matthews’ Fantasy Love Affair With The President

On MSNBC’s Thursday-night edition of Self-Loathing White Guy with a Psychosexual Fixation on Obama, known in the TV listings as Hardball with Chris Matthews, the titular Mr. Matthews, who appears to have fallen off the wagon, nearly broke down in tears as he rambled his grievances that Republicans don’t share his devoted, unconditional love for the man with whom he fantasizes about sharing a motel room. Calling to mind the syndrome of an abused wife (or a Mrs. Weiner) who stands up for her man Read more […]

Chris Matthews: Obama Deserves Credit For “This Amazing Economy”

Every time Obama speaks, Chris Matthews “gets a thrill up his leg.” So we can only imagine what Matthews is experiencing now that Obama has created such an “amazing economy.” When government officials say the economy is bad, liberals blame Bush. When government officials say the economy is good, liberals give Obama the credit. But this is Obama’s 2nd term. They’ve got to skew the data to make it look as good as possible and then give Obama all the credit. That’s what Chris Matthews Read more […]