Not a Shock: Administration Inflates Obamacare Numbers

HHS Secretary assures us the “mistake” reporting Obamacare numbers is “unacceptable.” The Daily Signal reports, “Obamacare Officials Exaggerate Enrollment Total by Counting Dental Plans.” The Obama administration admitted today that it mistakenly inflated the number of health insurance enrollments under  the Affordable Care Act by adding in those who selected dental plans to raise the total above 7 million — the White House’s original goal. “This mistake is unacceptable,” Read more […]

Tennessee Is Not the Only State Where Feds Are Secretly Dumping Immigrants

Bob Allen posted about how the Feds are secretly dumping immigrants in Tennessee where he currently resides. But it is important to realize that Tennessee is not the only state where immigrants were secretly dumped. According to the National Review’s The Corner, Indiana governor Mike Pence said he first learned the federal government had placed 245 unaccompanied alien children in Indiana through media reports. In a letter to President Obama, Pence wrote that the Department of Health and Read more […]

Illegal Immigrants: Those Beds Had Better Be REALLY Luxurious

What percentage of American citizen children do you think sleep in a $1000 bed? I know none of mine do. From “HHS Sec: Beds for Illegals Can Cost Feds Up to $1k.” At a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing Wednesday, President Barack Obama’s Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia Burwell said that beds for illegal immigrant children can cost the federal government up to $1,000 per bed. While asking the senators to approve the Obama administration’s request Read more […]

Dial a Number to Find Out What Obama Thinks of You

Bill Cosby once described what happens when one sees a truck bearing down, full speed, straight at you: “First you say it, and then you do it.” Obamacare is not a truck; it’s a powerful and destructive nuclear missile headed straight for us. It isn’t sufficient for Obama to “say it,” he wants the nation to “do it.” Obama and his regime are also making you ask for it and they are doing it in the most scornful and insulting way possible. How has this been accomplished? Why, they’ve Read more […]